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A Remote Control App for the PLAYMOBIL Mission E

We teamed up with Realtime Labs GmbH and Playmobil to craft a sleek mobile app for their Mission E vehicle. Our goal? Create an engaging remote control experience that’s as fun as it is intuitive.

Digital Remote Control

Digital Remote Control

Digital Remote Control

Easy-to-use control panel with virtual joystick and buttons

The app launched globally, delighting users of all ages. With seamless controls and immersive missions, it’s a hit among Playmobil fans worldwide.

The Playmobil Mission E Remote Control App was successfully launched on both iOS and Android platforms, receiving positive feedback from users and stakeholders alike. The app’s intuitive design and interactive features have enhanced the overall play experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in the world of Playmobil like never before.

A cohesive visual design language inspired by Playmobil’s playful aesthetic and the Porsche Design Language

Designing the Playmobil Mission E Remote Control App was a rewarding experience that allowed us to combine creativity, technology, and playfulness to bring joy to users of all ages. By prioritizing user engagement and ease of use, we were able to create an app that seamlessly integrates with the Mission E vehicle and delivers hours of entertainment for Playmobil enthusiasts worldwide.